Massage benefit the Elderly!

Elderly Massage – Benefits of Therapeutic Massage For Elderly People


Elderly massage offers numerous benefits to our senior citizens which can  greatly help to improve their health and well being.  This  article looks at what is elderly massage, why it is valuable to society, and the  benefits of massage for elderly citizens.

What Is Elderly Massage?

Massage for elderly citizens is simply that, massage for the elderly, but  it’s application is certainly different to massage for the younger population  and the massage therapist needs to be knowledgable of the physiological changes  that occur in the ageing body.  Massage techniques are different, pressure  applied is certainly different and there must be great sensitivity shown to the  receivers feedback to ensure the massage is comfortable as well as  effective.

A natural trend when we age is to become less active and this  reduction in physical activity contributes to the reduction of the quality of  life experienced by many of our senior citizens.  Many studies have shown  that elderly massage therapy can be of significant benefit in  managing the effects of aging such as arthritis and a host of other physical  ailments.

The NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and  Bodywork) has promoted the use of elderly massage for years.  Although  there is a general awareness of massage for elderly citizens, there is a  poor understanding of its direct benefits.

Why Is Elderly Massage Valuable To Us As A Society?

First there is the obvious; we have an ageing population and we should  naturally seek effective modes of care for our elderly as they are our parents  and grand parents, and we are all on a journey to where they are.

There are also more pragmatic motives as a society.  Health  care expenditure is predominantyl made up of caring for our elderly, so any  therapy that reduces the negative effects of ageing on our health is also  beneficial to our society as a whole.  This is true in a financial sense,  but also because society would benefit from having a healthier and thus happier  and more productive older population.

Benefits of Elderly Massage

  • According to the Touch Research Institute, elderly massage is very useful in  the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. It has shown to facilitate relaxation and  communication.
  • It can greatly assist in arthritic pain management.
  • Massage for elderly citizens helps to increase their range of  motion.
  • Also promotes natural joint lubrication, which is extremely important for  arthritis sufferers.
  • Helps to increase strength and muscle coordination.
  • Boosts natural energy levels and mental awareness.
  • Can also greatly improve posture by reducing muscle tension. This has the  added benefit of assisting seniors with a higher quality of rest, and helps them  to sleep deeper and longer which can have a significant effect on their general  health and well being.
  • Can also have a profound calming effect which in turn helps them to deal  with medical interventions they may need to experience in dealing with various  conditions.

Pain management in the elderly is predominantly treated  through pharmaceutical methods, but thankfully, more people are becoming aware  of the benefits of elderly massage therapy.


Massage for elderly citizens is a natural solution to many ailments  associated with the ageing process, and has proven to be an effective  complimentary therapy to assist and improve the efficacy of conventional  treatments.

Arthur Bakeright is a qualified massage therapist and avid traveller. He now  writes extensively on both massage and travel.



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